Summer Nights in Tirana 1999 - 2012



Project Management: Moving Culture, International Center of Culture, , Radio Oxygen 96.1 fm

Period: May - September 1999 - 2012

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Tirana, the capital of Albania, is composed of 700 000 inhabitants, that are yearly traversed by cultural activity. However, most of these cultural activities do not have the means or the information channels to reach a significant percentage of the population. Albania has one of the youngest population age in Europe, hence affecting opportunities for Albanian youth to interact, learn, contact and develop new skills. The idea of Summer Nights 1999 was created based on two main concepts: Art coming to the whole public; It is a trend that can bring new social vision to social impact and concrete possibility of work for Albanian youth which would alleviate a social problem through employing the new workforce generation not only through state structures but also in all art genres events.


The project aims as below:
• Invigoration of Albanian life, through challenging conventionality of cultural Albanian institutions. Employment of youth through various artistic-social management events. Encourage all genres of Albanian culture out of existing structures. Improve Albanian image which currently offers its inhabitants the view of a social- territorial-chaotic existence.
• Create appropriate conditions for the development of local movements that coordinate with central cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations that focus on: a) Improving the capital image, a decisive factor in developing and launching new or existing business and attract foreign investment. b) Mitigate a social and economic problem such as unemployment and lack of information channels.
This project affects with concrete job opportunities for artists, youth and the community by providing employment in these fields: • Working with executive committee. • Composing the program of activity. • Performing. • Marketing • Logistics such as settling times and places of activities, and defining the supporting technical structures. • Advertising.


• June 1st Fest Children’s day • Tirana Jazz Festival • Showing casing Albanian short movies and foreign movies for adults; • Tourist documentaries; • Information regarding sport, art and culture in Tirana; • Ballet and performance; • Painting and installation (art works from young artists of the Academy of Arts); • Live concerts of modern and folk music. The Venetian tents, carried these activities: • Career fairs; • Informational interviews; • Consulting for family planning; • Social marketing; • Campaign against drugs; • Meet and BBQ.


"General Sponsor" Vodafone Albania