TICAB - Tirana International Contemporary Art Biannual

Moving Culture is proud to supportĀ  the implementation and sponsorship of TICAB.

Olafur Eliasson, the artist who presented the Collective Project of Tirana in 2005, says that to him, the LEGO brick project is a micro-model of the situation in which the people of Tirana must often find themselves today: Building a stable society is only possible with the involvement and co-operation of each individual. He adds: "And it is my sincere opinion that it is in the belief that something like this can happen - that your participation matters and has consequences - that the individual's self-awareness and identity are formed. People of the city meet around the large LEGO landscape table: passers- by, adults, children, teenagers, parents with young children, taxi drivers, a relaxed policeman, a class of schoolchildren who saw it on TV, cigarette-selling street urchins and pensioners - who in the old communist days wandered across the same square - tp build, create, push, move, topple or tear down. Altogether a random but broad selection of Tirana's inhabitants who use spatial play - alone or in company - to create their fantasy structures. A mixture of how people see - and what they expect of - the future, and especially a material view of how the past still necessarily plays a major part in defining the spaces of present-day Tirana....Blending the past and the future - and metaphorically renegotiating where you currently stand and who you are as an individual - can be clarified by a spatial awareness of your surroundings: Playing with a spatial toy - for example, like LEGO - can strengthen your ability to see your own body - or physicality, if you like - in a causal relationship with your surroundings."

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