Albania’s Light

“Albania’s Light” The annual artistic open-air festival which involves art and philosophic community participation embracing the idea of inclusion and aims to instill a set of core values in its active participants. The installations are conceived in a artistical residence model and used in public beaches and places around Dhermi.

Light let us attempt to see. There is no vision or creation without light.
Light as Goodness, Virtue. Light as Knowledge, Vision. Light as Life, Vitality

Albania’s Light events starts in 2015, including a variety of fascinating participatory frameworks, from collaborative installation/, culture of volunteerism and interactive artwork in Drimadhes, Dhermi leaded by Moving Culture with participation of, M.A.M foundation, EDS foundation, Municipality of Himara, in dialogue with Anri Sala, Edi Muka, Simon Battisti, Alban Muja and others. The installations are concepted and build as a residency community artistic platform in an inspirational background in Drimadhes, Dhermi situated in south Albanian coast.
The events can be described as a festival about artistic expression, but the festival is actually much broader in its scope and focus. Individuals who attend the festival – “Lighters”, as they are colloquially called – have multiple reasons for participating in Albania’s Light, from creative expression to community engagement to revelry.
Since 2015, over 30 installation has been exposed most of them as permanent structures in open air realized with the participation of more than 15 artists hosted in Alta Beach Lodges or Eco Camping.
More than 50 artistic performances have been achieved starting from May until September each year.

“Vitruvian Man”
Community work 2016

Our perspective embraces the action towards humanization of man who is becoming more and more restraint. Burning all those constraining circles and quadrants is a way to set him free and on a path of genuine self-discovery and unavoidable harmony with the surroundings.

With arms outstretched, the man fills the irreconcilable spaces of a circle and a square -- symbolizing the Renaissance-era belief in the mutable nature of humankind.

"The dreamer" :
Klod Dedja Curator

The installation embodies the concept of burning Don Quixote’s “dream” as a character that represents understanding of superimposed reality that otherwise translates as a realistic dream. The Don Quixote’s psychosis is undoubtedly pertinent to the dynamics of Albanian dreamers. It continues to be repetitively infectious even after hundreds of years. Burning Don Quixote is a traversal and a contradictory act and transforms the installation material into energy.

“Qokë” :
by Jora Vaso
sound performance by RDN

The much-desired, once-exotic world of Coca-Cola represented the land of glorious fantasies. The once forbidden phrase “Enjoy!” no longer posed a threat, as infinite rows of identical bottles of Coca-Colas lined up on store shelves. Addiction to the new drug, produced “qokë”
[1], a half-breed, diluted beverage. The new hybrid is used to fool ourselves that we can simultaneously please ourselves and others.
[2] “Qokë” is an Albanian word describing a person’s duty or responsibility towards another, often in the form of a returned favor, visit, or gift. It often denotes an action that is unwillingly done, one that though it does not usually bring individual (or selfish) pleasure, it helps in the smooth functioning of society.

“Absent” :
(Performances) Klod Dedja

The human act is a compromised element with the full consciousness by who runs or perform it. If the act or the performance has a starting point from the purification perception, the act will be automatically dissolved in “auto judgement” forms…because this kind of accomplishment inside the act, creates the possibility of the human reformation followed by the symbolism that characterizes the “Human – Act” as a new reconfiguration of his nature…. To symbolize is too delicate especially when the symbol is all over the human nature; The “Human-Act” comes to survive by symbolizing the social confrontation as an antibiotic subsistence…. An elegant conflict arises through this two-fold process (The Human Act and Intermediate) that succeed to melt in a unique substance the Perfect Nature and the Sublime Imperfection of the “Human-Act” .

“Mystical Light” :
(music & fire performance) RDN with Fire girls

Deep in the night there's a mystical light... it's inside us, shining bright... Light let us attempt to see. There is no vision or creation without light. Light as Goodness, Virtue. Light as Knowledge, Vision. Light as Life, Vitality