TJF 2003


Jazz and Alternative Music in Tirana is an artistic event well known to the capital public but also an opportunity for stronger communication and cooperation between young Albanian artists and foreign ones. This tradition started back in 2000 and has now become a very significant musical project. TIR JAZZ FEST has invited so far 235 musicians, artists, performers in 41 bands both Albanian and foreign who have interpreted and established a very prospective communication with our public. The Project has been designed and produced by MOVING CULTURE. The Jazz festivals have served as an “engine" of cultural transformation of the country and an international laboratory that supports musical research and production of Jazz and experimental music.
Jazz Festival is a Festa, organized to find, create, promote and build young artists, and alternative-hearing-and-participation spaces, where the public is invited to experiment with the emotions and atmospheres that are born out of the interaction of sound with architecture, design and hospitality.
The principal aim of Jazz festival is to spread the culture of Jazz music, as one of the most experimental and explorative forms of music. 235 musicians, artists, performers have performed in 55 concerts from 2000.
We would like to thank for their support Dolmen Jazz, Albania experimental Jazz Ballet, InterBallkanik Jazz, Old and new sounds, Chants of the Sunrise, Roedelius/Story/Steiner, Klangtheke, Happy Kitchen, Nicolas Simion's, Horstmann -Wiedmann- Daneck, Luca Ciarla & Enzo Ruggeri, Moon Inhabitants, Freres des Mers, Tirana Jazz Orchestra, Philharmonic Band of Athens Municipality, Elina Duni Quartet, Parov Stelar Band, Djabe Band, Hufschmidt Albanian musicians, Tchuschen Capelle Band, Echo, Punto Zero, Roder/Romanescu, Drums and Flutes, interballkan, , Nostalgji jazz, Milos Petrovic, Igor Malesevic, Yotis Klourtsoglou, Gue Yue, Joji Hirota, Mark Alcock, Liz Walters, Gildas Etevenard, Julien Tamisier, Thibault Frisoni, Jeanne Added, Mauro Manzoni, Mauro Campobasso, Alfredo Lavian, Christopher Klein: alto saxophone, Christian Kullack, Philip Cieslewicz, Janina Hacker, Grützner, Dorit Chrysler, George Taylor, Jurij Novoselic, Louie Austin, Nicolas Simion, Dave King , Alan Jones , Norbert Scholly, Horstmann, Wiedmann, Daneck, Luca Ciarla, Attila Égerházi, Thomas Hufschmidt, Likatek, Naka, Appache, Dave Mothersole, Angie Reed, Kotai, Eric D. Clark, Ledio, Friction Vala, Toton, TonyZ, G-ArT, Highfish, Diriger, Alfons Ballici, Lulzim Hilma, Gentian Rushi, Demokrat Shaghini, Isuf Spahiu and all others that have participate in Jazz festival events.