Project Description

TIRANA JAZZ&ALTERNATIVE 04 is the third series of "Jazz Nites in Tirana", and it closes the first cycle of this musical event. The organizers, Moving Culture, have always looked upon these experimental and Jazz-music-nights as seeds of a real Jazz Festival, a place of meeting-mixing-exchanging of musicians and of the sounds, rhythms and atmospheres they produce.
Since the very first Jazz meeting organized in Tirana, 2000, this music event was conceived as on-going project. The quality of the music performed and offered during the first two Jazz meetings, and especially the success that was achieved, have aroused the interest of many Balkan and European musicians, who wish to participate in this new music event on the Balkan scene.

TIRANA JAZZ&ALTERNATIVE 04 will be a Festa, organized to find, create and build non-traditional artistic means, and alternative-hearing-and-participation spaces, where the public will be invited to experiment with the emotions and atmospheres that are born out of the interaction of sound with architecture, design and hospitality.
The music played at TIRANA JAZZ&ALTERNATIVE 04 will present a continuous play between our collective memory and its reinterpretations, as will be the case with the old Albanian and Serb musicians band, who will bring back to the public the embryos of Jazz played in Albania in the late sixties and best "Yugoslav" tradition of the seventies and eighties. TIRANA JAZZ&ALTERNATIVE 04 has extended its search to all experimental music movements and subcultures that go along them, and through the assured presence of groups such as Dolmen Jazz (DJs and Electronic Jazz musicians who represent a wide network of contemporary artists centered at Dolmen Gallery, Switzerland) will turn the Festival into one of the most important events on the region dedicated to musical experimenting, with rhythms and sounds produced by technological electronic media sharing space and time with traditional melodies, themes and instruments. This music event will bring back to Tirana the quartet "InterBallkanik Jazz", founded by Fatos Qerimi with three musicians from Greece and Serbia, and one of the founding groups of the Tirana Jazz Festival, with a growing number of successful shows on the European stage, like Frankfurt and Marseille, and in the Balkans, in Thessalonica and Tirana. The third edition of the Jazz Festival will also feature for the first time ever in Albania experimental Jazz Ballet, in an Albanian-British production.


The principal aim of TIRANA JAZZ&ALTERNATIVE 04 is to spread the culture of Jazz music, as one of the most experimental and explorative forms of music. The organizers believe that the cultural, historic and social context of the capital upon interaction with international Jazz groups and the sound of their repertoires, will lay the foundations of a new Albanian "school" of Jazz.

TIRANA JAZZ&ALTERNATIVE 04 will close the first "life-cycle" of Tirana Jazz Nites, and will be a strong step towards the creation of a clear identity for the Tirana Jazz Festival.

TIRANA JAZZ&ALTERNATIVE 04, through its cooperation with cultural organizations and institutions, will created the necessary creative and administrative structures that must provide the technical means for the independent progress of this cultural event.

TIRANA JAZZ&ALTERNATIVE 04 will be one of the "engines" of the cultural transformation of the country and an international laboratory that supports musical research and production of Jazz and experimental music.



Project Title: Tirana Jazz 04
QNK (International Center of Culture), Moving Culture
QNK (International Center of Culture) Tirana. ALBANIA
Time periode: 05 - 11 June 2004
Project director: Ardian Mullahi
Artistic director: Fatos Qerimi
Coordinator: Florian Agolli