The Festival team wish to thank the Partners and the individs for their generous support:

The quality of music offered during the five nights of the last edition of the Festival, convinced the organizers of its importance for Albanian culture and for the entire Balkan scene. The music of TIRANA JAZZ FESTIVAL 06 will represent a continuous play between our collective memory and its reinterpretations.
Prof/As Fatos Qerimi

29 May


For almost thirty years, Lene Lovich has been gleefully defying conventions about how women in popular music should sound, act, and appear. (What else would you expect from a woman who once made a pilgrimage to meet Salvador Dali?). Lene Lovich's impact on pop music can hardly be understated.
The influence of her arty, flamboyant new wave persona, assertive, banshee-howl-inflected vocals, and idiosyncratic songwriting style can be seen clearly in countless female artists, from peers like Siouxsie Sioux and Grace Jones, to those who have followed in her footsteps.

30 May

Matthias Daneck's N.O.W.
Drummer and percussionist Matthias Daneck is known for his creativity and versatility and very demanded in the German jazz scene. He played with jazz greats like Randy Brecker, Bireli Lagrene or Jimmy Woode and can be heard on more than 40 CD-recordings. He is also active in electronic music with his solo-liveperformance "the instant loop generation". For his other project "Matthias Daneck's N.O.W." he took a selection of different sins described in the book "The ship of fools" from the 17th century and composed six quite unusual jazz pieces, which are performed in a quite humorous way together with his brilliant band members. "Matthias Daneck's N.O.W.": Matthias Erlewein, Saxophone. Rainer Böhm, Piano. Henning Sieverts, Bass. Matthias Daneck, drums.
Paolo Di Sabatino

Renzo Ruggieri, accordion-Accordionist, has performed in Brazil, Spain, Germany, U.K., France, Slovakia, USA, Iceland, Russia, etc and has appeared on national TV and in prestigious theatres including Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Teatro Greco Romano di Taormina, teatro Romano di Benevento. He writes musical scores for various theatrical productions, collaborating with such important names as Piera Degli Esposti, Antonio Calenda, Germano Mazzocchetti, Davide Riondino, Judith Malina, David Haughton, and Paolo Perelli. Other important collaborations are those with Gianni Coscia, Art Van Damme, Enrico Rava, Sageer Khan, Geoffrey Warren, Giovanni Maier, Ares Tavolazzi, Peppino Principe, Maurizio Rolli, Diana Torto, Bruno De Filippi, Gianni Cazzola, Jim Gailoreto, Ada Montellanico, Fabrizio Bosso, Lino Patruno, Michael Supnick.

31 May

Lisa Stern, an actress and singer was born in the south of Austria. She performs in many theater plays or TV movies. The music style of her CDs covers a wide range between world, pop and jazz music as well as movie scores. Since 2002 she lives and performs together with her husband and producer:
Eric Spitzer-Marlyn is singer, songwriter and producer. As a well known guitarist and musician, he offers his records and CDs on his own label. His perfor-mance on acoustic guitars is legendary as playing with sound plus technique. He also works as filmmaker and teaches on the University of Vienna. ,
Fatos Qerimaj
Leda Atomica
Fatos Qerimaj, musician, clarinettist and composer, with a considerable number of compositions for clarionet, symphonic orchestra, theatre and film soundtrack. Auther and co-author in many projects, albums and studing atricles. Assistent Professor in the Academy of Arts in Tirana. In 2005 he won the award “Best Albanian Musician of 2004”.
Léda Atomica Musique is a collective of musicians, singers, actors devoted to all forms of live performance in collaboration with theater, street theater, cabaret,dance, pyrotechnics and plastic arts. Léda Atomica Musique, founded By Phil Spectrum, now its artistic director, is issued from the Marseille rock formation Léda Atomica of which he was a co-leader and foundator.

1 June
Hans-Joachim Roedelius Fabio Capanni & Clementine Gasser
German electronic music legend Hans-Joachim Roedelius, with a discography of more than 80 releases, has been active in music for over thirty years. He is a pioneer in electronic music, not least for his collaborations with such prominent musicians / composers/producers as Peter Baumannn, Dieter Moebius, Conny Plank and Michael Rother. He has founded several groups, most notably Kluster/Cluster and Harmonia. Over his prolific career, Roedelius’s musical output has covered a great deal of sonic territory and emotional range: from deeply introspective to rhythmically dancey, from experimental improvisations to heart felt vignettes, Roedelius is a musician of depth and breadth. His influence on the genre of electronic music will be felt for many years. Web site:

2 June
M. Petrovic. M. Blam.

M. Karlovic
Miloš Petrović-piano-Born in Belgrade. Graduated piano, chamber music and harpsichord. He play jazz and classic music. Also he is composer of jazz and contemporary classic music. He is professor of chamber music and harpsichord. He played in Germany, France, Finland, Spain and Greece. Recorded 12 CD-s (his own compositions, contemporary and baroque music.
Mihailo Blam-contrabasse-Born in Belgrade. Played with many famous world jazz musicians. Professor of contrabasse in Munich Academy /Germany/. Also, he is writer of many books and publications of jazz music. He is also director of few jazz festivals in Serbia..
Miroslav Karlovic-drums-Professor of percussions in Belgrade Music Akademy. Graduated in Jazz Academy in Grac (Austria). Played with many small jazz groups and as a member of Symphonic orkestras and chamber group for contemporary music. Recorded CDs with jazz and classical orchestras.

Elina Duni Quartet (Switzerland) amazes with an eclectic program where folksongs of the Balkans, French songs and original compositions meet. It is a music played by exceptional musicians recognized on a national and international level. The rhythms mix, the melodies fly and new musical landscapes appear. This "Creative Living Together" gives desire for looking towards other horizons through the enchanting piano of Colin Vallon, the round base of Bänz Oester, the subtle play of Norbert Pfammatter and the tender and tearing voice of Elina Duni.




Project Title: TIR JAZZ FEST 07
Time Period: 29 May -02 June 2007
Organizer: Moving Culture & Delta Publicity
Address: QNK (International Center of
Culture)Tirana. ALBANIA
Tel/Fax: +355 (04) 250770
+355 (04) 238839
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Hans-Joachim Roedelius

Project Director: Ardian Mullahi
Artistic Director: Fatos Qerimaj
Executive Director: Petrit Seraili
Consultant: Edi Muka
Coordinator: Amarda Kapaj