The Festival team wish to thank the General Sponsor, Partners and the individs below for their generous support:
Blendi Klosi (Minister of Culture Youth and Sports), Marcie B. Ries, Atilio De Gasperi, Adrian Sirbu, Rainer Sulzberger, Ramadan Lumani, Bledar Pulaha, Donika Bardha, Mirela Çupi, Genc Dulaku, Ardian Sala, Geart Shehu, Ivi Abazi.

Jazz and Alternative Music in Tirana is already being not only an artistic event to the capital public but also an opportunity to a stronger communication and cooperation between Albanian artists and foreign ones. This tradition started back in 2000 and has now turned into a very significant musical Project. TIR JAZZ FEST has invited so far about 120 artists both Albanian and foreign who have interpreted and settled a very prospective communication with our public. The Project has been designed by MOVING CULTURE, INTERNATIONAL CULTURE CENTER and strongly supported by Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports particularly by Mr. Blendi Klosi. This Festival brings satisfaction, surprises, emotions, knowledge of various styles and extravagance of standard forms. And this means that Jazz Music at the International Culture Center is inspiring our artists for more improvisations, fusion and new technologies in the contemporary music.
Prof/As Fatos Qerimi

7 June "Old and new sounds", Melc (France), 20:00
Gildas Etevenard: Drums,
Julien Tamisier: Keyboards,
Thibault Frisoni: Guitar,
Jeanne Added: voice & cello
Melc started off in 2001 with a trio of musical personalities who brought with them a wealth of experience and also their own musical culture, with influences from far outside the realm of jazz. Formed by these musicians: Gildas Etevenard, Thibault Frisoni, Julien Tamisier. In 2003, the group welcomed singer and cellist Jeanne Added, whose presence confirms and strengthens the direction taken by Melc over the last 3 years: on the basis of an urban sound and compositions similar in style to pop, Melc composes simple melodies over which it creates a swarm of sound and rhythm improvisation. In less than a year, the group has been spotted at several jazz venues and events, during which time (2003) it was also working on the production of its first album.

8 June, Manzoni /Campobasso (Italy), “Punto Zero” 21:00
Mauro Manzoni: tenor and soprano saxophones, wood flutes, live electronics,
Mauro Campobasso: electric and acoustic guitars, live electronics,
Alfredo Laviano: drums, percussions, live electronics
Mauro Manzoni, (Bologna, Italy 1962) saxophonist and composer. In 1980 he began studying by himself and in those years he took part in the workshops given by Claudio Fasoli and John Surman. In 1989 he founded the group Inno with whom he recorded three CDs, and won the competitions Iceberg and Europe Jazz Contest. In 1996 he became part of the Alfredo Impullitti’s Kaos Ensemble. In 1999 he took part in the Mauro Campobasso Image project. In 2004 recorded two CDs: the first one in duo with guitarist Mauro Campobasso, Punto Zero, and the second one by Cecilia Finotti.
Web site:
Mauro Campobasso, (Taranto, Italy 1967) guitarist, composer and arranger.
He studied with Joe Diorio, Jim Kelly, John Damian, Jeff Stout, Bill Pierce, he recorded for important labels such as Emi-Virgin France, Soul Note, DDQ, Black Saint, Splasc(h) etc. He also collaborated with Alfredo Impullitti, Paolo Fresu, Pierre Favre, producer Marco Sabiu and others. He’s leader of different musical projects, including Mauro Campobasso Image and co-leader together with saxophonist Mauro Manzoni of the new project “Punto Zero”. He’s also involved in artistic productions, following mainly singer Cecilia Finotti, As a guitarist he performs and teaches and he’s also a columnist for a guitar magazine called “Axe”.
Web site:

9 June “Chants of the Sunrise” (Romania), Raducanu/ Roder/Romanescu 20:00
Maria Raducanu: vocal
Jan Roder: contrabass
Sorin Romanescu: jazz guitar
In her childhood she studied violin and guitar. Between 1984 and 1992 she took part in all the important musical contests and festivals throughout the country, as a jazz song-writer and singer. Her accomplishments over the last 4 years (2002-2005) were quite impressive: seven CDs released, out of which two were awarded the “Best Jazz Releases of the Year” prize by the Composers and Musicologists Association of Romania, and she went on numerous tours abroad. She works with most of the Romanian Jazz musicians, Johnny Raducanu, Mircea Tiberian, Vlaicu Golcea, Sorin Romanescu, etc, and with major figures in Western jazz (among whom there were Maurice de Martin, Jan Roder/Germany, Ben Abarbanel-Wolff, Colin Stetson, Ryan Sawyer, Jeremy Wells/USA). The music critics consider her to be the creator of a unique singing style an explosive mingling of Romanian ethos and modern music (blues, classic jazz, avant-garde music, “classic” contemporary music).

9 June, “LUNZ, Roedelius/Story/Steiner (Austria/USA), 21:00
Hans Joachim Roedelius: piano/keyboard
Tim Story: Composer
Stephan Steiner: viola player
Hans- Joachim Roedelius (Berlin, Germany, 1934)
German electronic music legend Hans-Joachim Roedelius, with a discography of more than 80 releases, has been active in music for over thirty years. He is a pioneer in electronic music, not least for his collaborations with such prominent musicians/composers/producers as Peter Baumannn, Dieter Moebius, Conny Plank and Michael Rother. He has founded several groups, most notably Kluster/Cluster and Harmonia. Over his prolific career, Roedelius’s musical output has covered a great deal of sonic territory and emotional range: from deeply introspective to rhythmically dancey, from experimental improvisations to heart felt vignettes, Roedelius is a musician of depth and breadth. His influence on the genre of electronic music will be felt for many years. Web site:
Tim Story, (Philadelphia, USA, 1957), pianist, and composer.
In addition to eight solo albums and dozens of compilation, Story’s work has appeared on numerous television and film soundtracks, including the original score for the popular NPR documentary “In search of Angels” (1994) and “Caravan” (2005), a documentary from the company of Spanish director Pedro Avmodovar. Story’s music was nominated for a Grammy award in 1988 , and a NAIRD Best Album award for Beguiled. Tim's music has consistently landed on critics annual “Top Ten”, and his 3 most recent solo releases were called “one of the finest trilogies in contemporary instrumental music.” (Wind and Wire, USA)
Web site:

10 June Fatos Qerimi (Albania) 20:00
Fatos Qerimi, musician, clarinettis and composer, with a considerable number of compositions for clarinett, symphonic orchestra, theatre and film soundtrack. Auther and co-author in many projects, albums and studing atricles. Assisten Professor in the Academy of Arts in Tirana. In 2005 he won the award “Best Albanian Musician of 2004“.

Ilir Bajri (Kosovo)
Born in Prishtina on 1969. Ilir Bajri is a composer and a jazz musician. He performed, both as a solo pianist and in band formations, in many different countries and Festivals in Italy, Spain, and USA. He writes music for theater and film. A skilfull computer operator he is also known for his electroacoustic works such as: "Vijëzimi/Linings" (1995); music installations for exhibitions "Përtej/Beyond", Belgrade 1997 & "I-TURN-U", Istanbul 2001, Berlin 2002; "Influences 1 & 2" Prishtina, 2003 & "500ms", Prishtina, 2004. In 2003 he creates the "Center for New Music ensemble" comprised mainly by young musicians. With this ensemble he cultivates a new stream in kosovar music scene.

11 June Klangtheke (Germany) 20:00
Christopher Klein: alto saxophone, soprano, saxophone
Christian Kullack: electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Philip Cieslewicz: piano, keyboards
Janina Hacker: electric bass
Antonius Grützner: drumset
Metamorphosis in Jazz?
Welcome to Klangtheke. The quintet "Klangtheke" creates an own modern jazz fusion sound by mixing jazz, funk and pop music. They are young musicians from Berlin, Weimar and Frankfurt/ Germany. The compositions are versatile: some jazzy tunes, some more rock or avantgarde, but in each you can hear a fresh contemporary note. Playing together as one band, creating space for outstanding soloists and having fun with odd meters seem to be a promising and successful concept. They met in 2001; in February 2004 they released their second album "Klangtheke
Web site: www.klangtheke.dew

5 June "Opening Party" 7 June Opening "Tir Jazz Fest"
7 June "Old and new sounds", Melc (France) 7 June "Old and new sounds", Melc (France)
8 June, Manzoni /Campobasso (Italy), “Punto Zero” 8 June, Manzoni /Campobasso (Italy), “Punto Zero”
8 June, Manzoni /Campobasso (Italy), “Punto Zero” 9 June “Chants of the Sunrise” (Romania), Raducanu/ Roder/Romanescu
9 June “Chants of the Sunrise” (Romania), Raducanu/ Roder/Romanescu 9 June, “LUNZ, Roedelius/Story/Steiner (Austria/USA)
9 June, “LUNZ, Roedelius/Story/Steiner (Austria/USA) 10 June Fatos Qerimi Tir Jazz Orchestra (Albania)
10 June Fatos Qerimi Tir Jazz Orchestra (Albania) 10 June Fatos Qerimi Tir Jazz Orchestra (Albania)
11 June Klangtheke (Germany) 11 June Klangtheke (Germany)
11 June ROBOTEK (Closing Party) 11 June ROBOTEK (Closing Party)
11 June ROBOTEK (Closing Party) 11 June ROBOTEK (Closing Party)


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Project Title: TIR JAZZ FEST 05
Time Period: 05-11 June 2005
Organiser: QNK (International Center of
Culture),Moving Culture
Address: QNK (International Center of
Culture)Tirana. ALBANIA
Tel/Fax: +355 (04) 250770
Web site:
E-mail address:
Project Director: Ardian Mullahi
Artistic Director: Fatos Qerimi
Producer: Petrit Seraili
Executive Director: Vera Isaku
Consultant: Arben Çanole
Consultant: Edi Muka
Coordinator Amarda Kapaj